Careers in Agile

The adoption of Agile practices and methods has grown substantially over the past decade. In parallel, the roles and career paths of the traditional software development team and stakeholders have shifted from Project Managers, Lead Developers, and Test to self-organizing teams comprised of ScrumMasters, Developers, and Product Owners. Learn more about the roles, responsibilities, and, more importantly, the positive attributes of those that are part of an Agile team.

ScrumMastering in the Real World

by Michael Tardiff
Being a ScrumMaster is not a role for the faint of heart.Effective ScrumMasters use a combination of natural talent, common sense, insight, observation technique, and — well, let’s admit it — luck to help teams sustainably use Scrum to reliably deliver business value. But the standard two-day training course doesn’t fully prepare us for what lies ahead. This presentation, subtitled “What I Wish I Knew Before I Became a ScrumMaster”, explores non-obvious insights into what a ScrumMaster can do to help their teams grow into great teams.