Agile Toolkit

This Agile Tool Kit is chock full of Agile and Scrum information and knowledge to fuel you on your Agile journey! you will find a variety of tools to help you successfully implement Agile practices into your day-to-day software development processes.

  • Agile Quick Facts
    If you’re new to Agile, this primer covers all the major bases, from the Agile Manifesto and Principles to tips and terminology to get you up to speed right quick! practice.
  • Qualities of a Great ScrumMaster
    If you’re ever unsure of whether you’ll cut it as a ScrumMaster, download this resource for helpful reminders of what makes a ScrumMaster great.
  • ScrumMaster Reminders
    ScrumMasters have lots to remember, but this quick go-to guide can help in a pinch.