ScrumMaster Thoughtlists

An Evolving List of Reminders for Your Team

Thoughtlists are lists of questions every ScrumMaster should be asking about his or her team. Instead of checking off boxes on a list, use these questions to help guide their improvement efforts. It’s then up to the ScrumMaster to decide what steps to take to help the team improve.

Being a great ScrumMaster is about more than performing the necessary tasks, it’s about embodying the characteristics of a great leader without being authoritative. The ScrumMaster gauges their success by the success of their team and organization. They lead by serving their team and their organization. As a ScrumMaster, you have the opportunity to make a difference for your team, for your organization and for the world of work- Go forth and be Awesome!

Download the ScrumMaster Thoughtlists