The Importance of Working Together Toward a Sprint Goal

Scrum teams work together to decide what amount of work to pull into the sprint. To do this, the Product Owner prioritizes the Product Backlog, from which the team pulls user stories into the Sprint Backlog. By pulling in these stories, the team commits to do these stories to the best of their ability. It is often the case that the team doesn’t complete all of the stories in the backlog and that’s okay: it opens up the discussion about why the team pulled in so much work. Was a story unclear or did it neglect certain technical considerations that eat up time and brain power? Did urgent work pop up and compete for the team’s valuable attention? Or perhaps the team simply isn’t really clear on the amount of work it can predictably finish in a sprint.

In all of these examples, adopting a sprint goal can help the team collaborate more closely to ensure the completion of a specific task, for example, releasing a feature.

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