Making an Impact Together

No one should take the road to business agility alone. Big or small, every organization needs strong partners by their side. That’s why we take our partnerships very seriously: they enable us to provide the best service to our clients, and our community.  As we continue to grow globally, we know that our strategic partnerships will allow us to have an even greater impact on the world, because we are better together.

Business Agility Institute

As a founding member of the Business Agility Institute (BAI), we believe that the next generation of companies are Agile, innovative and dynamic, and perfectly designed to thrive in today’s unpredictable markets. Collaborating with forward-thinking organizations across the Agile community – including the Business Agility Institute – we dedicate our research efforts toward understanding shifting market trends, data and business needs. We do this with a single objective in mind: to continually enhance our ability to deliver the best outcomes for our clients and the wider community.

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Scaled Agile

As a gold sponsor of Scaled Agile, we know that organizations leveraging SAFe as part of an enterprise-wide transformation approach see significant improvement in productivity, quality, and time to market. Our SAFe trainers and consultants have more than theoretical understanding of how the framework is applied within complex enterprises. They have hands-on experience working in organizations that are actively applying SAFe in their pursuit of business agility.

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The tools you use to deploy, measure and maintain transformation progress are critical. Enterprises need robust lifecycle management tools to support their journey to Agile and business agility. That’s why we are partnering with Atlassian, the market leader in and our strategic partner provider for Agile lifecycle management (ALM) tools like Jira, Confluence and more. Many of our own clients are using Atlassian tools to increase the chances of success and stickiness in their business agility transformation. As the leader in business agility transformation, Accenture | SolutionsIQ is uniquely positioned to provide advisory services to our customers on Atlassian’s wide range of Agile tools and services.

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AgilityHealth® is a single source of truth for your enterprise teams and the three metrics that matter: team health maturity, performance and alignment to business outcomes. The AgilityHealth radars enable our clients to establish a baseline for growth and improvement at many different levels of the organization. Designed by real world Agile experts, AgilityHealth offers several radars for assessing Teams, Programs and Product Lines, Portfolio, Individual Health.

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Women in Agile

Women in Agile (WIA) is a collective effort to recruit, promote and support the work of outstanding women in the Agile community through blogging, speaking at events, and building a network among people of all genders. Our support of the movement has grown organically since we first invited Women in Agile speakers to our Agile Amped podcast in 2016, and today there are more than 10,000 downloads of our WIA episodes. This proves the need for a place where amazing women – and the men who support them – can share their unique stories and perspectives of bringing humanity and agility to companies all around the world. To address this need, we are launching a new Women in Agile podcast. You don’t even have to wait for the official podcast launch to start listening to some of these inspiring stories.

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Wherever you may be in your business agility journey, it’s always good to partner with trusted advisors on the latest technology, tools, and services out there. We can help bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

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