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Being a market leader requires more than Agile adoption – it takes transformation. It goes beyond IT permeating organizational structures, processes, leadership styles, governance, and product and service innovation. We help companies unlock business agility, enabling a set of capabilities to deliver fast and responsively, adapt their organizational structure and culture, innovate and disrupt markets, and become learning organizations.

As a founding member of the Business Agility Institute (BAI), we believe that the next generation of companies is here. And they are Agile, innovative and dynamic – perfectly designed to thrive in today’s unpredictable markets.

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In order to thrive amid constant change, leaders must guide their organizations to become adaptive, fast-learning businesses fueled by empowered employees. However, businesses need a way to measure their progress and metrics for determining success. This is the problem that the Business Agility Institute has set out to resolve with its annual Business Agility Report. The 2019 Report is now available!

The most exciting result was the discovery of three key predictors of business agility in both the 2018 and 2019 studies: organizations who report higher ratings in these three characteristics also report higher overall business agility and associated benefits:

  1. Funding Models
  2. Value Streams
  3. Relentless Improvement

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Intentional Agile Leadership Workshop

The key to business success in the 21st century is effectively responding and adapting to a dynamic and uncertain business environment. For most organizations, developing these capabilities will require that their leaders re-shape their understanding of leadership and management in order to develop the new skills that they will need to lead people and manage operations in a radically changing world.

Our Intentional Agile Leadership workshop explores the nine domains that transform leadership and unlock competitive advantage. This workshop enables you to begin to develop the skills and mindsets needed to lead your company’s transformation towards greater business agility.

Read our article about “Intentional Agile Leadership – The Nucleus of Business Agility” by workshop co-facilitator Katrina Ferguson.

Learn more about the learning objectives of the Intentional Agile Leadership workshop

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