12 Principles for Evolving Beyond Budgeting

Steve Player, founder of Live Future Ready and North American Program Director for the Beyond Budgeting Round Table, thinks traditional budgeting is a “silent killer” of Agile IT and business agility. Player shares some of the history of Beyond Budgeting, which aims to bring agility to the traditional finance accounting and budgeting model, which was codified after WWI and hasn’t changed in the intervening 100 years. The 12 Beyond Budgeting principles provide a way of ensuring accountability in time with the constant change of the world we live in, not the situation when the plan was hatched a year before.

“Because the world keeps evolving, I think the organism has to keep evolving. Nothing gets to a done state unless [it’s] dead.”

Accenture’s Keith Pleas hosts at DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018.