5 Steps to Disruptive Innovation with Sanjiv Augustine

Sanjiv is the president of Lithespeed and presenting at Keep Austin Agile 2017 on the five steps to creating hyper-performance teams (taking inspiration from Jeff Sutherland) and by extension disruptive innovation:

  1. Standing teams – based from the concept of a standing pattern in complexity science
  2. Agile Engineering – how do we get things to market quickly with high quality?
  3. Lean Product Discovery – constant experimentation
  4. Agile Budgeting and Funding – use our best intelligence to plan and build in flexibility
  5. Innovation Pipeline Management – create new options, operate existing ones or trade out for new products

Howard Sublett hosts this Agile Amped In-Depth audio-only podcast at Keep Austin Agile 2017 in Austin, Texas.