6 Agility Types of Nimble Organizations | Business Agility Series

For the last hundred years, efficiency has been the focus of technology, often at the expense of human well-being. On this topic, our guest Baba Prasad, author of “Nimble” and President & CEO of Vivékin Group, says, “In the whole push toward efficiency, [businesses] have forgotten all about effectiveness – what does it mean to be effective?”

Today technology enables companies to develop multiple intelligences, thus becoming more Agile – which itself requires a refocusing on humans as the creators of business value. Prasad extrapolates these multiple human intelligences to identify a half dozen types of agility in organizations: analytical, operational, innovative, communicative, and visionary agility. Prasad also offers a sixth, strategic agility, the ability to see long term, which he believes is the most critical – and the most lacking – in businesses today.

Accenture | SolutionsIQ’s Adam Mattis hosts.

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