Aaron Silinskas on CodeRetreats at Expedia

Agile Amped makes a cameo at SolutionsIQ’s Global Day of CodeRetreat. Agile Technical Coach Steve Kuo takes a moment to chat with Expedia’s Aaron Silinskas about CodeRetreats in general. After being introduced to CodeRetreats less than a year ago, Aaron has become a true believer in the effectiveness of CodeRetreats as a tool to hone software engineer development capabilities, saying, “We’ve found it to be very effective for especially introducing [test-driven development] and pairing.”

A CodeRetreat is a structured, one-day event where developers revisit the fundamentals of writing code with the express intent of becoming better at their craft. There are only a few basic rules to follow:
1. Everyone pair-programs.
2. Pairs will spend each hour-long session figuring out how to solve the same problem.
3. At the end of each session, the code is deleted and the process starts all over again from scratch.
4. Focus on the 4 Simple Rules of Design.

While the Global Day of CodeRetreat is annual, CodeRetreats can be done any time, anywhere and facilitated by anyone with the passion and understanding of the mechanics.

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