Agile Contracting and Procurement in the Federal Government | Business Agility Series

Joshua Seckel is an Agile coach and also Sevatec’s Chief Solution Architect for Agile and DevOps. Joshua drives the the adoption of business, technical, and management agility both internally and at client sites. His presentation at Business Agility Conference 2018 is called “Agile Contracting in the Federal Government” and in this podcast he shares his experience helping USCIS not only contract Agile teams but also to evolve the procurement process to be more Agile. With a focus on enabling experimentation and cross-department collaboration, Seckel helped stand up 20 Agile development teams who are able today to deliver to production 4-5 times a week – in a federal environment!

Some recommendations that Seckel wants to share are:

  1. Many changes are risk-driven, which is directly related to the corporate culture. By adapting the business to allow a little more risk, you can unlock a lot more learning and success.
  2. Learn fast. Succeed either in learning (e.g., from failure) or in execution.
  3. Meet people where they are.

Hosted by Leslie Morse in New York City at the Business Agility 2018 conference.

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