Alex Yakyma, SAFe Summit Talks and SAFe 4.1 – “No Reason to Freak Out”

Alex Yakyma, SAFe Fellow and principal consultant, stops by Agile Amped to talk about his three talks at this year’s SAFe Summit:

1. “Advances in DevOps with SAFe”
2. “Applying SAFe to Large and Complex Value Streams”
3. “Lean-Agile Development for Large Enterprises: Adding Hardware to the Mix”

Alex also encourages organizations not to lock themselves down “to early decisions that will inevitably be wrong”. Lean practices can help orgs “find the middle ground” between planning big upfront and no upfront thinking at all. The author discusses his book “The Rollout”, a narrative that uses an Agile Release Train launch as a vehicle for understanding SAFe better, before sharing that they all already working on the next version of SAFe, 4.1 — but don’t freak out: it’s meant to be “additive” rather than a full revamp.

SolutionsIQ SAFe consultant Scott Frost hosts at SAFe Summit 2016 in Denver, Colorado.