Andrew Johnson Talks Conscious Change Leadership and Classic Leader Development Culture at ACMP2016

Andrew Johnson sits down with Agile Amped at the Change Management 2016 conference to discuss conscious change leadership and why some leaders simply can’t bring themselves to fully engage in their own change initiatives because of deep-seated internal biases. Some pragmatic leaders don’t think that personal development is important to their ability to lead, which Andrew suggests is a product of our classic leader development culture: as you rise in the ranks and become leaders, they perceive their work as “more about blessing and delegating, as opposed to actively participating.” These leaders may feel that, by getting their hands dirty and rubbing shoulders with the people of their company to effect change, they are somehow betraying everything they did to become leaders in the first place. In his work, Andrew helps leaders figure out why they resist engaging as a sponsor and how to overcome that to become better leaders.

Andrew Johnson is a Senior Change Consultant at Being First, Inc. He is a pioneer in breakthrough approaches to multi-stakeholder collaboration on large-scale infrastructure change projects, and consultants to executives on major transformational change projects across industries and countries.

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