Author Andrea Fryrear: Agile is Our Only Hope for Modern Marketing

Given the growing level of complexity, scope and audience involvement, from Andrea Fryrear’s perspective, “Agile is our only hope” for modern-day marketing. Her book “Death of a Marketer”(due for release in March 2017) takes a look at the trajectory and cycles of marketing and where it is now. In the book Andrea argues that Agile is the stage in evolution where marketing is at.

At Business Agility 2017, Andrea is presenting “A Common Sense Journey into Agile Marketing”, in which she shares her experience of the first transformation with her marketing team. She highlights that Agile approaches that work for development teams don’t necessarily work for marketing teams: “Because [of] our challenges, our team structure, our skill sets, it’s really hard to create a truly cross-functional marketer, whereas you can get that in a development team much more easily.” Development teams gravitate to Scrum, which builds on cross-functional team members, whereas Agile marketers find more utility with Lean and Kanban.

SolutionsIQ Marketing Strategist Roxi Ozolins hosts at Business Agility 2017 in New York City.