Author Stephen Parry Says: Don’t Implement – Grow!

Author of “Sense and Respond: The Journey to Customer Purpose” Stephen Parry has a simple imperative: “Don’t implement, grow.” Organizational change isn’t something you can implement, it’s something the organization has to grow into. Management is so focused on “implementing the mechanics, and doing nothing with the dynamics”. But Stephen advises, “You cannot implement an adaptive organization, you can only grow one.”

Stephen also touches on some of the other pressures impeding organizational change, for example, the legal implications: an employee’s bonus may be affected by a change in role. In this case, the business can offer the bonus anyway as a motivator to get the employee bought in — but few organizations are brave enough to do that.

Stephen is also working with universities to look at the nature of the psychological change with Lean and Agile.

SolutionsIQ’s Kat Conner hosts at Business Agility 2017 in New York City.

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