Becoming a Meme & Agile 2.0 | Alistair Cockburn

The “enigma wrapped in a puzzle” Alistair Cockburn has an interesting story: signatory of the Agile Manifesto, author of two pivotal books “Writing Effective Use Cases” and “Agile Software Development,” and founder of the Agile software development conference in 2003 along with the more recent “Heart of Agile” conference. This last, “Heart of Agile,” has meme-ified Alistair, in ways oversimplifying who and what he is. But becoming a meme, he says, is crucial in order to have a greater impact. Alistair also shares his thoughts on Agile 2.0, what that means, and provides us with possibly our favorite quote for all of the Agile2017 conference: “Some people say that Agile is dead — no, it’s just been incorporated into the bloodstream so you can’t see it”.

Howard Sublett hosts at Agile2017 in Orlando, Florida.

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