Bill Joiner, Leadership Agility and Agile Companies Outperforming Competitors

Leadership development expert and author of “Leadership Agility” Bill Joiner discusses the need for exactly that as the business environment continues to change and accelerate. Research shows that companies that are more agile outperform other companies. Further Agile companies require Agile leadership, so it is in the C-suite’s own best interest to invest in Business Agility. Bill has also found that the key lever in increasing Business Agility is what he calls leadership agility — particularly, the culture of leadership in a company.

In his book, Bill writes that leaders move through 3 stages in developing agility: Expert, Achiever and Catalyst. Unfortunately, the majority of today’s leaders are early in their development path because the previous century rewarded (and continues to reward) Experts and Achievers. Joiner’s work focuses on helping leaders move through Expert to Achiever to Catalyst, and he is optimistic that the day will come when leaders will act with an Agile mindset, aiming not just for the target but through it. However, the change requires leadership to look at themselves and evolve their approach to be more like a Catalyst.

SolutionsIQ Chief Technical Officer Evan Campbell hosts at Business Agility 2017 in New York City.