Bjarte Bogsnes’ Beyond Budgeting & Management Innovation

Bjarte Bogsnes wrote the book underpinning the Beyond Budgeting movement – literally. “Implementing Beyond Budgeting – Unlocking the Performance Potential” captures his experiences helping organizations go “beyond budgeting”. Bjarte reminds us that “Beyond Budgeting is and has always been about much more than budgets.” The name is a little misleading because the purpose of beyond budgeting isn’t necessarily to get rid of budget but to change traditional management where you find the budgeting process and the budgeting mindset. Beyond Budgeting is a much broader, “comprehensive, coherent management model that addresses both management processes and leadership principles.”

Which brings to the fore the concept of management innovation: exploration and testing in management models. The paradox is that executives love product innovation but are scared of management innovation because it requires a change in them. This change, however, is where real competitive advantage lay in today’s markets.

SolutionsIQ Chief Technical Officer Evan Campbell hosts at Business Agility 2017 in New York City.

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