Breaking The Code of Conduct | Business Agility Series

The intrapreneurial way of working challenges people to get out of their comfort zones and do things differently to gain customer driven validation. Filip Hendrickx, founder of altershape, and Karen Peirens startup coach and university lecturer, discuss how to establish an intrapreneurial team by navigating the “bumpy roads” and leveraging the knowledge and experience garnered from a large organization.

According to Hendrickx, “Road blocks are not in the road, roadblocks are the road”. Still, it is important for businesses to innovate because customers’ needs are changing. Leaders need to navigate bumpy roads while still creating safe spaces for innovation.

Decisions by consensus no longer work if you want to gain speed. Be prepared to break the rules, but consciously, so that you have a balance. In essence – break the code of conduct of large corporations, “the code that exists in the mind of people”, says Hendrickx. Peirens agrees that a small dedicated business team with business insights is needed. It’s easier to make decisions in a small team which can move forward fast.

Accenture | SolutionsIQ’s Henrik Gruber hosts at the Business Agility Conference in Vienna, Austria.