Building Great Teams with Richard Kasperowski

Richard Kasperowski is the author of “The Core Protocols: A Guide to Greatness”, a book in which he describes how to use the Core protocols developed by Jim and Michele McCarthy, an Agile mindset and practices, and Open Space Technology to create high-performance teams. In this podcast, Kasperowski defines for us what he means by “high-performance teams” thus: “High-performance team is a team that gets objectively better results than other teams doing similar work. It’s something you can observe and something you can measure.” To achieve this end many times over with different clients and customers, Kasperowski has over time devised what he calls a “protocol stack” whose four layers – Positive Bias, Autonomy, Self-Awareness and Connections – he argues is foundational to all high-performance teams.

Howard Sublett hosts at Agile Arizona 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona.

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