The Business Value of Joy | Author Rich Sheridan

People don’t always use the word “joy” to describe a place they would like to work, but Rich Sheridan thinks we should start. Author of Joy, Inc. and CEO of Menlo Innovation, Rich shares how he created an open space for delivery teams where computers and code were shared – an idea that one respondent said would result in “blood, mayhem, murder.” Instead this approach was what led Sheridan to recognize joy as the very thing that makes a place worth working in. 18 years after starting, Sheridan’s mission to bring joy into the workplace is stronger than ever.

Memorable Quotes:

  • “It’s okay to say, ‘I don’t know.'”
  • “We have intentionally created a culture focused on the business value of joy.”

Hosted by SolutionsIQ’s Howard Sublett at Agile Arizona 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona.

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