Cat Swetel Talks Value-Based Roadmaps Populated by Options with Agile Amped at Mile High Agile 2016

Today’s businesses and organizations are faced with problems and opportunities that have never been faced before, and knowledge workers are important in the charge to resolve these problems. And yet these same businesses and organizations still operate under assumptions that don’t apply to knowledge work and don’t take into consideration the degree of difficulty and novelty inherent in the problem space.

In her presentation at Mile High Agile this year (co-presented with Matt Barcomb), Cat Swetel proposes that businesses start implementing a more value-based roadmapping approach populated with options not commitments. “It’s insane to dictate when a thing will be done when it hasn’t been done before or it hasn’t been done before in this context.”

Cat Swetel is a nerdy technologist with a finance degree. When she’s not helping teams and technology organizations improve processes and quality of work life, she’s probably reading feminist literature or making jokes about Bitcoin. Currently she’s very interested in smart contracts and the so-called trust web

SolutionsIQ’s Howard Sublett hosts.

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