Catching up with Jerry Weinberg, Author of the new book “ERRORS: Bugs, Boo-boos, Blunders”

Jerry Weinberg is an Agile thought leader with a laundry list of career achievements including prize-winning author of 80 books, international consultant, speaker, teacher, expert and coach in all phases of software engineering, and founder of the Amplify Your Effectiveness (AYE) conference. Jerry graced Agile Amped with his presence to discuss his new book, “ERRORS: Bugs, Boo-boos, Blunders”.

Readers can provide feedback directly to Jerry as he continues to update the book! Topics currently covered include:

  1. How Do We Think About Errors?
  2. What Do Errors Cost?
  3. Where Do Errors Come From?
  4. How Do We Get Rid of Errors?
  5. How Do We Prevent Errors?
  6. Living With Errors
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