CEO Fabiola Eyholzer Says Lean-Agile HR are Key to Enterprise Agility – at SAFe Summit 2016

“HR is the key to bringing Agility to an enterprise level. If we don’t fix our HR approach, we cannot a truly Agile organization.” That’s what Fabiola Eyholzer, CEO of Just Leading Solutions, shares with Agile Amped at the SAFe Summit 2016. Fabiola has 16 years of experience in human resources and applies her expertise and passion to the task of “bringing HR into the 21st century”. How? With Lean-Agile practices and values. According to Fabiola, performance management needs to be rebooted to address today’s concerns, such as “How do we recruit for Agile teams? How do we build careers in Agile organizations?”

Recently, Fabiola collaborated with SAFe founder Dean Leffingwell to pen a white paper called “Agile HR with SAFe”. With Agile Amped, she touches on the first of the 6 key themes for Agile HR, which are:

1. Embrace the new talent contract
2. Foster continuous engagement
3. Hire for attitude and cultural fit
4. Move to iterative performance flow
5. Take the issue of money off the table
6. Support impactful learning and growth

Source: scaledagileframework

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