Chris Edwards is Fostering a Culture of Continuous Delivery at Keep Austin Agile 2016

Chris Edwards sits down with Agile Amped in a hoppin’ restaurant to discuss his Keep Austin Agile 2016 session “DevOps: Improving Agility Through a Culture of Continuous Delivery”. Chris touches on how QA, previously completely separate from the dev team, has basically been absorbed into the Agile team. “We don’t even have a QA department,” Chris says of his experience, a common one in Agile teams. “The developers do all the testing, because it’s all automated.” DevOps takes the same principle and applies it ti operations: whereas previously devs would “toss code over the wall” to QA, now the same process is happening between devs and OPs.

SolutionsIQ’s Howard Sublett hosts at Keep Austin Agile 2016

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