CIO Tim Creasey at the Intersection of Agile and Change Management with Agile Amped at ACMP2016

Email Monday, training Tuesday, change Wednesday–that’s how quickly some people think change happens. Prosci CIO Tim Creasey points out that change management aims to “prepare, equip and support people to be successful in the changes” requested of them, and that process needs to time to take effect. Tim shares his thoughts of how companies who undergo an enterprise-wise change like an Agile transformation fail to invest adequately in the change management aspects. And then, if the company is successful in transforming to Agile, they don’t know how to deal with the pace of change. A clear example of this is the stark difference between the rate of change in customer-facing technologies and internal technologies implemented by a company’s IT department. Tim also shows how a change model like ADKAR can work in a Scrum environment.

Tim Creasey is a dynamic presenter, researcher and thought-leader on managing the people side of projects and initiatives to deliver organizational results and outcomes. Through conference keynotes, presentation, webinars, articles and tools, he has advanced the discipline of change management by moving it out of the “soft and fuzzy” realm toward a structured, rigorous approach for driving benefit realization and value creation on projects. Tim coauthored the book Change Management: The People Side of Change and led Prosci’s last seven benchmarking studies.

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