Creating a Thriving Global Community | Maria Widström

Maria Widström is a change management consultant from Stockholm, Sweden, who has been an active member of the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) for five years. Recently she has been working on an outreach and volunteer program. Maria was excited to participate in a global Change Management conference a few years ago but decided it was time to create an ACMP chapter in Sweden. Today the group has 60 members. While focusing on local change management opportunities and needs, Maria and the Sweden ACMP Chapter appreciate how connected the global community is and how improvements and innovations in one region can spawn the same all over the world because “people are people.” Maria adds, “We are living in a world with an increasing amount of change” so everyone needs to be more intelligent about how they approach it in organizations of all types.

Want to get involved? Become an ACMP member. Already a member and want to do more for your own community? Start your own local chapter.

SolutionsIQ’s Evan Campbell hosts at Change Management 2017 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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