Dad of DAD Scott Ambler on Bridging the Agile-Data Cultural Divide at Agile2016

Scott Ambler literally wrote the book on the Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) process framework. As Scott says, “Disciplined Agile is all about giving people choices and explicitly sharing the decision points that you’re at in Agile projects and IT efforts in general.” In addition to DAD, Scott also talks about his Agile2016 session on “The Agile Database Techniques Stack: Bridging the Agile/Data Cultural Divide”. Without Agile database development, Agile wouldn’t be possible. Yet despite efforts to realize database testing, refactoring and other Agile practices, the data community is still working with a traditional mindset. Data warehousing is typically slow and risky, accustomed to being bottleneck for the rest of the org. Scott also sounds off on microservices, too many technology stacks, and COBOL as a still viable dev language career-wise.

John Esposito, Editor-in-Chief of DZone, SolutionsIQ partner, hosts at Agile2016 in Atlanta, GA.