Dan Sharp Uses Domain-Driven Design to Unsnarl Gnarly Legacy Code

Dan Sharp stops by Agile Amped to discuss his Mile High Agile 2016 talk “Refactoring to Deeper Insight: Lessons Learned Applying Domain-Driven Design (DDD)” (co-presented with Paul Rayner). DDD is a new approach to refactoring legacy code, which is often a confusing mess of code in many languages like a huge pot of spaghetti with way too many cooks throwing ingredients in. This approach sheds light on refactoring legacy code by rethinking the system in design terms: how are objects being modeled, what are the naming conventions, how to ensure that each part of the system only does what it’s supposed to do and nothing more, etc. Dan provides an example that hits close to home: his own experience redesigning a product for his employer Nexia.

Dan Sharp is a life-long geek, having been fascinated with computers since early childhood. Dan is Senior Software Architect for the Nexia™ team at Ingersoll Rand, affording him the luxury of a startup environment backed by a multi-billion dollar company.

SolutionsIQ’s Evan Campbell hosts.

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