Daryl Conner Sez Pair Character with Presence to Raise Your Game at ACMP2016

Many change professionals get the methodology down pat but fail to recognize the importance of character and presence in effecting change. Daryl Conner’s work focuses on rectifying this. Rather than helping consultants choose from a grab bag of possible “best” characteristics, Daryl helps these individuals find their own true nature, the idea being that genuine people are more impactful than those who are just acting out learned traits. The key is for change leaders to balance their true character with the amount of directness that their clients will appreciate.

Daryl is founder and chairman of Conner Partners (a consulting firm specializing in strategy execution), Conner Academy (a professional development firm supporting leaders and change practitioners who are exploring character and presence as a means for advancing their capabilities), and Conner Advisory (a consulting firm dedicated to serving leaders who are pursuing “changes that matter”).

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