Dave Rush: Why Projects are Dead & Why Some Teams Have a Harder Time Collaborating

Dave Rush, Accenture Managing Consultant and Transformation Agent, is passionate about putting an end to projects, because as Dave puts is, “Projects are dead… because by their nature they have a start and end… and a goal to deliver some unique thing.” But in Agile work is always flowing, so it makes more sense to think in terms of product life cycles. Moreover, it’s time for businesses to think in terms of funneling work to long-lived, high-performance teams. Projects are constantly bringing together stars who have never worked together and, as soon as they get the hang of collaborating, the team is blown apart and the project process starts all over again. In Agile and SAFe, you want high-performance teams who are highly collaborative and practice collective ownership. To make that work in a business context, says Dave, you have to “fund the people and the trains and keep them stable and bring the work to them.”

Dave also shares his thoughts on why the English national team can never win. SolutionsIQ’s Evan Campbell hosts at SAFe Summit 2016 in Denver, Colorado.