Declan Whelan & Jason Little – Navigating the Complexity of Organizational Change at Agile 2015

Einstein said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” yet many organizations that want to adopt Agile end up using existing organizational structures to make it happen. That is, they create a centralized team to roll Agile out, define metrics, create a dashboard, communication and training plan and finally a Sharepoint site to push the change outwards. The outcome ends up being another failed Agile transformation story because people either resisted change or they failed to change their organizational culture.
This isn’t an ‘Agile’ problem, it’s a structure problem. The real issue is that organizational structures are designed to serve the internal purposes of the organization, not their customers or the value they create for their customers.

Jason and Declan explore how real organizations are thriving by structuring in radically different ways.