Elina Razdobarina Helps Create Orgs that Don’t Suck

Agile coach and consultant Elina Razdobarina is passionate about making “organizations that don’t suck”. In her work, she helps organizations create environments and spaces where passionate people are empowered and perform at their best and where systems are fluid and nimble. To kick off this inaugural Business Agility 2017 conference, Elina paired with UC Berkeley Adjunct Professor and Agile consultant Pat Reed on a full-day workshop called the Business Agility Accelerator.

But how does Elina define Business Agility? “It’s not just tools, structures,” she says. “It’s all encompassing. It’s the ability to see where you are, to sense the ground and what is needed.” Business Agility isn’t a silver bullet, but instead it offers a variety of tools that help organizations sense where they are so they are clear about how to adapt and evolve. Elina shares a recent experience helping an organization aiming to quintuple their workforce “build their culture”. Luckily Elina can help orgs in such a position, since retreats and ping pong tables can only go so far. Ultimately, how executives think shapes the culture and the organization.

SolutionsIQ Chief Technical Officer Evan Campbell hosts at Business Agility 2017 in New York City.