Empathy and Emotional Intelligence in Organizational Transformation

Alicia McLain is an Organizational Transformation | Executive Coach with a keen eye for organizational systems. Her session at Keep Austin Agile 2018, called “Confidence vs. Ego – The Role Empathy Plays in Organizational Transformation,” highlights the differences between acting “in confidence” and acting “in ego.” Confidence is about responding rather than reacting, being outward-focused and being comfortable in your own skin, whereas ego tends to be self-focused, self-centered. McLain pairs a Confidence-Ego Map with the Empathy Map to help people understand where others are coming from, why they behave the way they do, and what motivates that behavior. This is especially important today as emotional intelligence (EQ) is seen as perhaps even more valuable in organizational transformation than IQ.

Accenture | SolutionsIQ’s Howard Sublett hosts at Keep Austin Agile in Austin, Texas.

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