Experiencing Agile with Tricia Broderick

Too often Agilists make pronouncements to their clients expecting them to be instantly true: no more multitasking, we are now Agile, you are now empowered. As anyone can attest, it’s one thing to say something like this and really another to make it true. Tricia Broderick, a CST with Agile for All, wants people to experience Agile first hand. Tricia uses hands-on experiences and exercises to drive home meaning, with exercises as simple as writing with your non-dominant hand. That shift is more real than simply saying, “Starting today, you’ll write with your non-dominant hand.” What this does is open people up to engage more, and that’s something that can help Agile become more tangible and concrete for people.

Howard Sublett hosts this Agile Amped In-Depth audio-only podcast at Mile High Agile 2017 in Denver, Colorado.