George Dinwiddie and the Evolutionary Anatomy of Test Automation Code at AATC2016

After talking with Agile tester extraordinaire Lisa Crispin about test automation code, George Dinwiddie noticed that “the example test codes online are really tiny… They teach people enough to understand the test framework, but… over time they have a hard time putting the tests into practice.” The problem is that as the code becomes larger and more complex, it’s harder to maintain it long term. In his AATC2016 session, “The Evolutionary Anatomy of Test Automation Code”, George will share some patterns he’s noticed for making tests maintainable long term as the system gets larger and more complex as well as ideas about how to organize test codes. The trick, according to George, is to start thinking about the organization early, before the code is large and complex, so that when that does happen, you’re better prepared.

George Dinwiddie helps organizations develop software more effectively. He brings thirty-five years of development experience from electronic hardware and embedded firmware to business information technology.

SolutionsIQ’s Neville Poole hosts.