Get to Market 400% Faster with Lean-Agile Procurement | Business Agility Series

When it comes to procurement in a Lean-Agile context, according to Mirko Kleiner, “It’s not rocket science” – but it does deliver compelling business value. Kleiner wears many hats: a thought leader in Lean-Agile procurement, author, co-founder of Flowdays and the list goes on. Lean Agile Procurement, he says, has some simple tenants that any agilist would recognize:

  • Bring everyone together for alignment from legal to procurement to the supplier and the business users to form a cross-functional team.
  • Accept uncertainty.
  • Empower the team.

The outcomes include a client with a better understanding of what it wants, less re-work or misunderstanding about requirements, and – get this – an average increase of 400% in time-to-market.

Accenture | SolutionsIQ’s Leslie Morse hosts at the 2019 Business Agility Conference in New York City.

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