Gillian Clark on Using “Essential SAFe” on Major Software Update at NZ Agritech Company

SPCT4 Gillian Clark shares an experience with Agile Amped about inadvertently discovering a way to distill SAFe down to the bare bones so that teams can focus solely on executing. This was particularly helpful in a recent engagement that Gillian worked on at a New Zealand-based agritech firm who needed to execute a major overall of their herd management software before a hard deadline. Since the company didn’t have time as a luxury, they had a laser focus on executing against a single backlog of prioritized features, aligning the cadence of their Agile teams and forcing their PMs to pull from a single budgeting pool. The result was a successful execution by the predetermined deadline. Little did Gillian and her colleagues know that they were using, basically, Essential SAFe.

(We’re live at SAFe Summit 2016, so background noise is part of the live experience!)

SolutionsIQ SAFe consultant Scott Frost hosts at SAFe Summit 2016 in Denver, Colorado.

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