Half the Fire Drills with Agile Marketing | Business Agility Series

Stacey Ackerman, founder of Agilify Coaching & Training, got her start in marketing and is now blending the two. Like so many, marketers used to think of agile as “a software thing” and lived in a world where, as Ackerman puts it, “everything was an emergency” and there was no prioritization. This is what she calls “hair-on-fire marketing.”

Today, marketers and marketing teams can take small yet purposeful steps toward agility. Ackerman offers traditional antipatterns – blasting all users, sticking to the plan – as well as some enticing marketing takes on agile classics, including:

  • Minimally viable persona “to understand our customers in a faster way so this doesn’t become a stage gate and hold up our marketing efforts.”
  • Brief briefs
  • Customer stories, instead of user stories
  • And (above all) prioritization – “if there was anything I would recommend, it would be just that.”

Accenture | SolutionsIQ’s Leslie Morse hosts.


  • Martech Today (blogs by Ackerman on agile marketing available)
  • “The Agile Marketing Experience” podcast with Alan Annis
  • “The Agile Marketer” by Roland Smart