How to Dojo

Coaches Jessica Guistolise and Greg Adams-Woodford have been running Dojos at their client successfully for a few years. They explain the purpose and basics of a Dojo and share their experiences from the trenches.

Dojo is a place where teams practice – a new physical space where they break down what they’ve done in the past and rebuilding their habits over a six-week period. Additionally, Dojo uses 2.5-day “hyper sprints” that enable teams to deliver real business value more quickly and understand where they’re failing without losing days or weeks.

At its heart, Dojo is about building business capabilities and high-functioning teams. And it is not limited to software development: our guests touch on leadership and portfolio Dojos, and tips for success and pitfalls to avoid.

Accenture | SolutionsIQ’s Leslie Morse hosts.

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