Inbar Oren on 10 Essential Elements of SAFe, Scrum Mastery and Change Management

SAFe Fellow and principal consultant Inbar Oren is excited to announce the new SAFe ScrumMaster course and certification. Of importance for SAFe ScrumMasters to understand are the 10 Essential Elements of SAFe. Miss these and you won’t get your results and, Inbar reminds us, “the point isn’t to do SAFe, the point is to get your business results.” One of the most commonly overlooked elements of SAFe is PI Planning. Another one is leadership training. Inbar advocates for starting training of change agents, executives and leaders early in the transformation — “otherwise they will hamper the transformation because they don’t understand what is critical and what isn’t.” To this end, organizational change management is crucial for Agile transformations to work, and Inbar shares his thoughts on how to embed OCM in SAFe implementations.

SolutionsIQ’s Howard Johnson hosts at SAFe Summit 2016 in Denver, Colorado.