Introduction to Agile Portfolio Management

In this special episode, we offer a broad overview of portfolio management that uses lean and agile thinking and approaches. Our guides are Evan Campbell and Kat Conner, who together have 50 years of experience in portfolio, budgeting and funding.

“Agile portfolio management is matching limited supply to unlimited demand to maximize business outcomes,” say Campbell and Conner.

You’ll hear five parts:

  1. Introduction to agile portfolio management
  2. The supply side
  3. The demand side
  4. Matching and governance
  5. Funding and budgeting

This is a deep dive into the topic and it’s the full-length story behind our Agile Portfolio Management video series. Watch and share these 5-minute educational videos with your customers and colleagues and watch a recorded webinar to hear real-world examples from clients and coaches in the trenches at

Accenture | SolutionsIQ’s Alalia Lundy hosts.

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