James Lewis, Microservices and Conway’s Law with Agile Amped at AATC2016

James Lewis visits with Agile Amped at the first ever Agile Alliance Technical Conference to discuss microservices and Conway’s Law. James is a self-described “coding architect” with Thoughtworks out of London, where he often leads teams and helps them build better software. Conway’s Law, according to James, essentially says that how your teams look is how your software will end up looking. Says James, “If you have loosely coupled teams, then you have loosely coupled software. If you have tightly coupled teams, then you’ll have tightly coupled software.” A modular approach to building software, however would enable you to change software more easily and quickly without having to throw the whole thing out when you need to fix it. Together, these are the topics of James’ session at AATC2016: “Microservices and Conway’s Law”.

SolutionsIQ’s Neville Poole hosts.

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