Jared Richardson on the GROWS Methodology and its 3 Rs

Jared Richardson sits down with Agile Amped to talk about the GROWS method, a new Agile methodology that hopes to succeed where some feel that “Agile has failed”. Of GROWS, Jared says, “It’s not about being Agile, it’s about being effective.” The basis for this methodology is the 3 Rs:

1. The Rhythm: Getting teams to iteratively produce working software at a regular cadence
2. The Right Vision: Getting alignment between leadership and the development teams. For example, instead of having the PO write stories in isolation, bring a skeleton story to the team and have the team help fill out the rest.
3. The Right Way: Building quality into the code using Agile technical practices

SolutionsIQ’s Dan Fuller hosts at Southern Fried Agile 2016 in Charlotte, North Carolina.