Jason Tice Promotes “Fun Over Study” to Counter “Knowledge Paralysis” at AATC2016

You know what happens at conferences: surrounded by so many thought leaders and industry colleagues and inundated with information from sessions, workshops, games, lightning talks, etc., your brain gets overloaded. “Knowledge paralysis” sets in, where you learned so much that you can’t remember any of it. That’s what prompted Jason to bring his “Fun Over Study” learning lounge idea to Agile Alliance Technical Conference 2016.

The learning lounge is an experiment (and experience) aimed at helping conference-goers apply and reinforce learnings obtained during the conference. There’s nothing new to learn at the lounge: conference-goers bring the knowledge from sessions attended and the lounge facilitators figure out how to create an experience that locks in the learning, reinforces and makes it applicable beyond just the conference.

SolutionsIQ’s Leslie Morse hosts.

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