Kanban and Mob Programming in Action | Business Agility Series

Marcus Hammarberg joined us from Sweden to share his real-life experiences of using Lean and Agile principles, in particular Kanban and mob programming. If you’re new to the principles and practices of these, tune in to learn what they are and what makes them so effective.

Hammarberg also recounts a fascinating case study from his work in a hospital in Indonesia that demonstrates how experimentation and transparency are powerful ignitors for success regardless of the industry.

Instead of focusing on utilizing our resources, focus on moving work faster. And a really good way of doing that is introducing slack into the system so that someone can take on work once it’s ready – rather than being fully utilized all the time and don’t have any time to reprioritize, any time to learn anything new, or to be flexible in any way.

Accenture | SolutionsIQ’s Adam Mattis hosts.

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