Kent Graziano on Petabytes and Performance – Agile Data Warehousing with Snowflake

Until recently, the concept of Agile data warehousing was ludicrous. Even today there has been a lot of resistance and minimal exposure to Agile in that industry, despite the need for data warehousing processes to innovate, if only to improve their cycle time. But Kent Graziano of Snowflake Computing has seen a shift in the last two years thanks to the work his company has done to bring the Agile principles to traditional data warehousing. Most exciting are the new techniques in Agile data engineering and modeling, Snowflake’s “cloud data warehousing as a service” and its dynamic sizing and cost to address real-world problems in real time. Agile data warehousing is possible today because of enabling technology like Snowflake’s, which sees queries of petabytes of data daily. The question isn’t so much about the technology anymore, but more about whether large organizations are ready for the cloud.

This is Kent’s second visit with Agile Amped. See his first appearance here. SolutionsIQ’s Leslie Morse hosts at Southern Fried Agile 2016 in Charlotte, North Carolina.