Kicking off Inaugural Business Agility 2017 with Evan Leybourn

Let’s get the community together and come up with a definition of Business Agility. But, according to business transformation leader and author Evan Leybourn, “having a nebulous set of common ideals, principles that form Business Agility gives us a common banner to work [under]… If we try to narrow it to something, we actually lose the power of this movement, the power of changing how organizations work” and inadvertently exclude something of value. Leybourn reminds us that delivery used to be the constraint to agility. Today, that constraint has moved to the business side: the PMO, Finance, HR, and in the structure of the organization. Business Agility applies the Agile mindset to the entire organization, enabling the enterprise to be competitive in the market.

Leybourn also shares his three domains of agility, which are interlinked and do not form a hierarchy:

  1. Technical agility: Agile in software – e.g., paired programming, DevOps
  2. Process agility: Scrum, Kanban
  3. Business Agility: Leadership, organization structure and processes

SolutionsIQ Chief Technical Officer Evan Campbell hosts.