Larry Maccherone on Tricks for Overcoming Cognitive Biases & Decisions as Forecasts

Humans are evolutionarily predisposed to see patterns and make snap decisions based on very little information. The problem is that today’s world requires a deeper analysis than most people are willing or can afford to give to very complex problems. Larry Maccherone’s session “Going for it on the Fourth Down” is a look into taking calculated business risks and overcoming the cognitive biases and human factors that prevent you from making sound business decisions. In his conference session, Larry also identifies decisions as a kind of forecast of the probability that the choice you decided on will work out better than all the other choices. With this mindset, organizations and individuals can begin to invest in using analyses to make better forecasts (i.e., decisions).

SolutionsIQ’s Sheila Olds hosts at Southern Fried Agile 2016 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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