Leading Authentic Change at Western Digital

Agile Transformation is a journey that requires more than implementing a few new meetings into the work week. It’s a continuous learning journey that is built on a desire to deliver real value to customers. However, many efforts to implement Agile within organizations end up being superficial, because they don’t make room for the necessary mindset change.

According to Simon Chesney, the goal of an Agile Transformation needs to be focused on creating a “self-sustaining lean/product development culture”. Chesney is a Lean Enterprise Agile coach currently working on a transformation at one of the world’s largest infrastructure companies, Western Digital.

Chesney believes that authentic change occurs when a learning culture is embodied and empowered by the leadership of the organization. He states that you can observe sustainable change in the care taken throughout the organization to relentlessly improve. Chesney also talks about the transactional competencies, consequential environments and insights needed to sustain Agile cultures.

Accenture | SolutionsIQ’s Leslie Morse hosts from the 2019 Global SAFe Summit in San Diego.